This documentation is for Manual Setup. Automatic Setup is the recommended method and takes just seconds to have your bot up and running instantly. You may choose either option after you add a page or create your account.

To find your Facebook Page’s Access Token:

Step 1

Head on over to Make sure you’re logged into your facebook account and have signed up for Facebook Developers. In the top right, you should see a section that says My Apps. If you have already set up an app for your page’s bot, you may skip ahead to step 3 to find where to get your page’s access token. If you haven’t yet set up an app, click Add a New App from the My Apps dropdown.

Step 2

Enter a Display Name and your contact email and then click Create App ID.

Step 3

After you fill out the Captcha, you will be taken to an area where you can select products that you wish to add to your Facebook app. Hover over the area that says Messenger and click Set Up.

Step 4

Now you will need to find the section that says Token Generation. This is where we will be creating a unique token for our Facebook page.

Click the “Select a Page” button and then select your page from the dropdown area (you may be asked to verify this action. If so, click through the prompts to continue, making sure to click “OK” to grant your app the necessary permissions needed).

Step 5

Great! You should now see your page listed under the Page section along with your new Page Access Token next to it. Hover your mouse over the token and click to copy it.

Now paste what you just copied into the Page Access Token section of your Amico settings panel.

Need help adding your Verify Token and Callback URL?


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