This documentation is for Manual Setup. Automatic Setup is the recommended method and takes just seconds to have your bot up and running instantly. You may choose either option after you add a page or create your account.

After you have already successfully added Messenger as a product for your Facebook app and added your Page ID, your Page Access Token, and have chosen a Page Name in your Amico settings area, you are now ready for the final step of setting up your page’s Webhook using your Verify Token and Callback URL.

Step 1

In your Facebook Developer account, select Messenger from the PRODUCTS section on the left.

Step 2

Scroll down to the Webhooks section and click the Setup Webhooks button. There you will see the Callback URL and Verify Token fields.

Step 3

Copy your Verify Token and Callback URL located in your Amico dashboard’s settings area into the corresponding fields on Facebook Developer.

Step 4

After you have pasted both the Callback URL and Verify Token to Facebook Developer, you must then select “messages” and “messaging_postbacks” from the Subscription Fields area and then click to Verify and Save.

Step 5

Lastly, in the lower section of the Webhooks area on Facebook Developers, find the section to select a page to subscribe your webhook to page events. Select your page from the “Select a Page” dropdown and then click the “Subscribe” button.


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