Facebook Messenger Can Help You Sell More With Your Shopify Store

Amico’s Shopify app’s main purpose is to generate ecommerce store owners more money.  With Amico, all shops get a fully integrated system allowing users to opt in to receive order receipts and shipping notifications all in Facebook Messenger. We also have a very powerful abandoned cart tool that automatically messages users who add a product to their cart, but don’t purchase the product.

One of the main questions that Shopify store owners seem to have is “Why Facebook Messenger Abandoned Cart”?  Many shops are already using Abandoned Checkout tools that follow up with potential customers via email, and while this is common practice, they are potentially leaving HUGE amounts of lost revenue on the table.

69.23% is the average amount of online consumers who put something into their cart and leave before purchasing.

58.6% say they abandoned that cart because they were “just browsing and not ready to buy”. (These consumers will likely never even make it to your store’s checkout page)

That’s 58.6% of abandoned carts on your site that you would never be able to follow up with through traditional abandoned checkout email followups.

The key difference here is that since we are following up with our abandoned sales through Facebook Messenger, we are able to target potential consumers the moment they hit the “Add to Cart” button, and don’t need to hope that they reach your checkout page and enter their email address. This means a whopping 58.6% MORE followups that we are able to achieve and convert than with traditional abandoned checkout emails. Wow!

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting for store owners and have built out one seriously powerful solution to reclaim their otherwise lost revenue. Our system sends up to 3 followup messages after a potential customer has abandoned their cart.

  • The first message is sent 30 minutes after the initial abandonment
  • the second message 24 hours after
  • and the third is 48 hours after

This time frame of messages not only is perfect for enticing back potential customers, but also falls directly into Facebook’s guidelines to ensure that messages aren’t sent more than once after the 48 hour grace period.

Each abandoned Messenger message can be easily customized to your needs, both in the message’s text section, button section, and there is also the ability to add discounts. These discounts are automatically applied to a user’s Shopify cart if a user clicks from the message. Messages will even automatically repopulate the customer’s cart info (product image, title, description, price, etc) to further entice them to make the purchase.

We weren’t kidding when we told you that Amico’s Shopify Messenger Remarketing was powerful stuff!

It really is as simple as just installing the Amico Shopify app. We’ve built it from the ground up with simplicity in mind so that you can focus on what’s most important to you – your business.


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