In a world of an increasing reliance on technology and automation, there’s a trend towards less personable and less charismatic connections. This trend didn’t start with messaging platforms or automotive messaging bots, but rather when businesses began using dial-tone based automated responses during phone calls decades ago. Since then, the use of automated phone calls have become increasingly prevalent in use.

You’re not alone if you have been trying to get hold of a real representative to address your problem. When the seven automated responses don’t cover your problem, but you still cannot speak to an agent it isn’t a good experience. Even though a chat bot isn’t human (or at least we don’t think so), using a bot with Amico will give your customers a charismatic, human-like experience.

Using messenger bots is extremely beneficial to support small businesses that want to grow, but for big corporations as well. The benefits of using the Amico messenger platform is of great value:

    • Promotion: Through Facebook Messenger, you can send notifications, reminders, and valuable content about your businesses, services and products directly to customers.
    • 24-7 Support: A business does not need to rely upon employing or forcing people to work at all hours of the day to ensure the business stays up and running. Amico’s bots can let you be there for customers past working hours.
    • Closing the deal: Amico’s integration with the Shopify app lets businesses through their Amico bot send reminders to those who haven’t completed the checkout process. A users has a couple of products left in their cart? The bot automatically sends out reminders after 30 minutes, 24 hours or 48 hours.

While these are some of the bottomline benefits of Amico, there are many other benefits that will help you get there. The advantage of using a bot, while it is an automated medium, is how personable it can be. Amico’s bot building platform is at the front end of Conversational Interface.

The witty, charismatic engagement of one such bot using the Amico platform was highlighted on Reddit. It was the Trumpbot that used its smarts, looks, and wealth to woo all into using it. Well, really it was the Amico platform that was used. Granted, Trumpbot may or may not have been bring in “billions and billions of dollars,” Amico can get your business on its way to those “billions and billions” through its use of automation.

The bot builder on Amico allows for you to have a highly engaging Conversational Interface. It is highly engaging and extremely responsive. Additionally, an Amico bot won’t have to talk to itself because open rates from users are as high as 98%. A bot that is highly engaging, but also very responsive and quick, will make for a much more satisfying experience for the users and potential customers engaging with the bot. This means they will feel the same charisma and personable responses, as they would with a real, human representative, except they can do this at all times of the day and without any awkwardness!

Make your business charismatic and increase your business growth! Join Amico by signing up for FREE today!


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