Using email to market products and services has been the way many business have attempted to reach out to customers. Email marketing did see success when it was at the forefront of electronic communication. Today though, with many people receiving hundreds of emails a day, it’s no longer converting highly to sales. In fact, it isn’t even getting a look. Today, according to an E-Mail Marketing Metrics Survey, emails only have a 21.3% open rate; 4/5th of all emails never get opened!

Similar to SMS messages, emails that push those receiving them are typically dismissed for a number of reasons, but mainly because the massive number of them received. A lot of this is also due to the fact that 50% of people read their mail on the go through a mobile device. On a mobile browser or app, it is a lot more difficult to sift through all the emails received at one time. With messenger apps, like Facebook messenger, users will get immediate notifications and read those messages on the first chance they get.

In a marketing experiment, a campaign was sent to subscribers both via email and by use of a chat bot. The outcome was that the campaign through the chatbot had a 12 times greater Click-Through Rate than e-mail. A resounding success for the bot platform! More astonishing, the open rate for the bot campaign messages: 98%! Imagine getting almost all your subscribers, followers and potential customers to take a look at what you are offering them. This is already creating a much larger pool for conversion to sales and business than e-mail could ever come close to.

Facebook messenger bots can be extremely powerful tools for businesses. It can actually get the attention of those you want to interact with. If you’re being ignored, you’re not going to be successful. Whether it’s providing users with information about your business or product, letting them know what details you have, or even confirmation and shipping statuses, Amico can do it. It all starts with getting your messages opened!

Be a part of the 98% and don’t be ignored.  Sign up for Amico FREE today!


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