What is the Average Cart Abandonment Rate?

69% of people add a product to their cart and leave before purchasing. Out of that number, 59% leave before ever reaching a store’s checkout page. That’s 59% of abandoned carts you would be unable to reach through abandoned checkout emails. Yikes! Those numbers are definitely alarming, and potential customers often leave for a variety […]

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Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Email App

Abandoned cart emails can be seen all over nowadays. There are tons of email recovery companies, each touting why their shopping cart abandonment solutions are the best. With a sea of cart recovery email options, tons of cart recovery email templates, and endless amounts of Shopify apps littering the appstore, it can feel a tad overwhelming […]

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Shopify App Documentation

Amico Shopify App Documentation Welcome to our Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery App documentation section. We have worked hard to make the process of connecting your Shopify store to Amico as simple as possible, but as with most things, there will likely be scenarios that we were unable to address with our onboarding tutorial. We hope […]

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Facebook Messenger Subscribers and Sending Notifications

With an 80% open rate, Facebook Messenger completely destroys email marketing with over 3.5x the amount of user interaction. Lucky for us, we can use Amico to have our own custom notification system with multiple different subscription channels up and running in just minutes. 1.) Assuming you already have an Amico account and have gone […]

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A Gentle Reminder

With so many deals, social media advertising, and the shorter attention span of computer and mobile users, it is hard to keep users on track. This is more specifically true when it comes to closing a deal–well at least an online sale. There are countless times when potential shoppers will add items on a website […]

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Amico & Shopify – Make More Money With A Messenger Bot

After months of dedication and hard work, we here at Amico are proud to announce that within the next few days, we will be debuting our Shopify integration features for our chatbot platform. We’ve built out an entire Shopify app that store owners can install onto their existing Shopify store to automatically start following up […]

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Personality Driven Chatbots

In a world of an increasing reliance on technology and automation, there’s a trend towards less personable and less charismatic connections. This trend didn’t start with messaging platforms or automotive messaging bots, but rather when businesses began using dial-tone based automated responses during phone calls decades ago. Since then, the use of automated phone calls […]

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Reclaiming Abandoned Cart Shopify Store Sales With Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Can Help You Sell More With Your Shopify Store Amico’s Shopify app’s main purpose is to generate ecommerce store owners more money.  With Amico, all shops get a fully integrated system allowing users to opt in to receive order receipts and shipping notifications all in Facebook Messenger. We also have a very powerful abandoned […]

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Automating Your Business with Facebook Messenger Support

Nowadays,  many people believe that a handful of giant corporations will put every other company out of business, and it may be difficult to think of small business success. Small businesses can be very successful on their own merits, but the hardest barrier they must overcome is doing more with limited people and capital in […]

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