Abandoned cart emails can be seen all over nowadays. There are tons of email recovery companies, each touting why their shopping cart abandonment solutions are the best. With a sea of cart recovery email options, tons of cart recovery email templates, and endless amounts of Shopify apps littering the appstore, it can feel a tad overwhelming when trying to make an informed decision on which to choose for your Shopify stores. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best apps around for sending email followups for abandons.

Note: in regards to email followups, 59% of abandoned carts are unreachable through traditional abandoned checkout emails. This is because in order to grab a potential customer's email to further market to, they MUST reach your store's checkout page and have entered their email address. Unfortunately, 59% of customers leave before ever reaching a store's checkout page making it impossible to ever follow up with via email remarketing.

Lucky for you, you found Amico.

With Amico, you can easily message 90%+ of Shopify customers who abandon their carts. Amico uses Facebook Messenger to target customers directly on your Shopify store’s product pages as soon as they hit the “Add to Cart” button. There is no need for Facebook Pixel tracking or for a user to enter an email or any personal information. Amico then sends 3 follow up messages through Messenger if a user adds something to their cart but does not purchase.

Try Amico for FREE today and automatically recover 90%+ abandoned carts!

3 of The Best Shopify Apps for Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Recovery

1.) Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

First on our list is this Shopify app for preventing shopping cart abandonment, “Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails”. The app automatically sends emails to potential customers who leave your store after beginning, but not yet completing the full checkout process.  This app sends follow up messages including images of the products left in a user’s cart, along with a checkout button. They also offer optional simple customization, some analytics, and more.

2.) Free Persistent Cart App

Next up is the “Free Persistent Cart App”. Just like the previous, this Shopify app can also help to decrease your store’s shopping cart abandonment. Their app listing states:

  • Increase revenue – The persistent cart app that reduces abandoned carts and increases orders
  • Fully automatic – Simply install and Free Persistent Cart App works in the background
  • Absolutely free – No hidden costs

Along with this, apparently this app works across multiple devices, allowing the potential customer’s cart contents to follow them cross platform and device.

3.) MoonMail Recover Checkouts

This Shopify app contains 5 usable email templates with customizable timing settings. On their app listing, they state:

  • Recover lost sales with the most sophisticated technology. Use multiple templates!
  • Free plan available to all Shopify stores! #1 SHOPIFY APP OF ALL TIMES!
  • Fully automatic app. Reduce the amount of time you spend contacting customers.

The options with MoonMail seem to be a bit more powerful, so if you are looking to really be able to customize your abandoned cart emails with templates, specific by country, and pause and unpause them at will, this may be worth taking the time to check out.


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