69% of people add a product to their cart and leave before purchasing.

Out of that number, 59% leave before ever reaching a store’s checkout page.

That’s 59% of abandoned carts you would be unable to reach through abandoned checkout emails.

Yikes! Those numbers are definitely alarming, and potential customers often leave for a variety of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for such a high average cart abandonment rate are:

  • Forcing users to create an account.
  • Complicated or confusing checkout pages.
  • Last minute unexpected delivery costs.
  • Being concerned with the security of a Shopify store’s security.
  • Website taking too long to load.

Now that we know the reasons as to why customers generally abandon their carts, we can better design our store’s UI to address these concerns. It is important to note though, that regardless of every possible optimization you may implement on your store, there still will be a percent of users (69% to be exact) that will continue to abandon their carts.

So what is the solution, because accepting such a high number of lost sales is definitely not ideal.

Well, we have already found that the average abandoned cart rate is relatively high, so the best way to counter this is by using a Shopify abandoned cart recovery app which can get us both the highest open and click through rates for our abandonment messages possible. We can achieve this by using Amico’s Shopify app!

Amico uses Facebook messenger to target potential customers directly on your store’s product pages as soon as they hit the “Add to Cart” button. Amico automatically adds a “Send to Messenger” checkbox directly below the product’s cart button, automatically opting users in to allow us to track if they make their puchases or not.

If they don’t follow through and pay for the items in their cart, Amico sends up to 3 abandoned cart follow up messages.

If a user does purchase, these abandonment messages are sent:

  • First after 30 minutes following Shopify cart abandoning.
  • Second after 24 hours.
  • Third after 48 hours.

All three messages can be further customized however you wish, and you can even turn off individual messages and keep only those that you wish to send. Additional discounts may be added for further incentive which are automatically applied  if a user clicks through the abandoned cart Messenger message to purchase.

These Messenger messages allow your Shopify store to reach that additional 59% of potential customers that would be unreachable through traditional follow up email campaigns. Along with all this, purchase receipts are also automatically sent to customer’s Facebook Messenger accounts. You also have the option to completely automate your store’s entire customer support with Amico’s easy to use Bot Builder and subscribe customers to channels to send mass notifications to at a later time. Amico’s Shopify app is seriously powerful stuff!

You can get started for free and automatically increase your Shopify store sales today!


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