Nowadays,  many people believe that a handful of giant corporations will put every other company out of business, and it may be difficult to think of small business success. Small businesses can be very successful on their own merits, but the hardest barrier they must overcome is doing more with limited people and capital in comparison to the larger corporations. This is especially the case when time is of the essence and the attention span of consumers is a lot shorter, the lack of resources can lead to a loss of customers and sales for a small business. Thankfully, this can now easily be combated by using Facebook Messenger bots created using Amico.

These small businesses have owners that work hard, even outside of business hours, as well as dedicated employees with great products and ideas. The weaknesses for small business include typically limited business hours, especially in the evenings and weekends when consumers are most likely to do their shopping. Couple this with the limited number of employees to support the business outside of business hours, and it can be hard to find enough time to keep everything running smoothly. A small business can overcome these challenges using Amico’s chatbot platform in these seven ways:

  • Promotion. Now a small business doesn’t have to go full out Don King promoting Mike Tyson’s next boxing match, but businesses need promotion to make sure people know about your business or simply don’t forget about you. Using a Net Promoter Score, businesses can engage how well they are connecting to their followers. Simply put, if you’re interested in your potential customers, they will be interested in you, and Amico’s prompt responsiveness can help show you are availble 100% of the time.
  • Keeping the Doors Open. Nobody expects businesses to have open doors 24-7, especially with small businesses, but most consumers want to be able to get shop, get information and answers when they have the chance. This means outside of work hours for consumers, which is a difficulty for small businesses to meet. Using an Amico message bot, a small business can be open 24-7 to your followers and potential customers. Amico’s bots don’t close down, and you can ensure you have a bot that can provide status updates, business information and order status at any given moment.
  • Personalization. What’s great about small businesses is that they are extremely personable. They connect with those that come into do potential businesses in ways a corporation cannot. While it may be clear that your customers are chatting with a bot, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a personal experience. Using Amico’s platform allows for an unlimited amount of responses through its nodes. You can have a thorough conversation with your users and they will feel as if it was a personal experience increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Calls to Action. Customer service representatives or big organizations can sometimes ask those calling in for help to do things in a demanding way, but it makes customers hard to be receptive. While the consumer may be looking for help, and you need to prompt them to do certain things, an Amico bot can do this in a conversational way. Just like personalized content, your bot can prompt customers to do certain things through calls to action. Calls to Action buttons can make it much easier for those followers to give and find the information you both need. Couple that using Amico’s conversation nodes and you can ask “Please” and respond with “Thank you” with those Calls to Action.
  • Retention and Engagement. A lot of people do their business with small businesses because their owners and employees make it a pleasant experience. It keeps these individuals from coming back to do business again and again. The chat bot builder on Amico will let your business give this same experience to these individuals. With the responsiveness and engaging conversation your bot can have, it has the potential to increase customer retention. A simple 10% increase in customer retention can mean a 50 to 250 percent increase in profit margins–as much as 5 to 25 time ratio!
  • Attention Grabber. By simply using a chat bot you’re going to make people realize that your business is going to flex and do what it needs to help its customers! It shows the business cares, but also that it will take a step forward and flex with the cycles of business. It shows a business that is going to go above and beyond its competitors. This will garner interest in those who want to buy and work for a small business.
  • Sales Closer. Small businesses offer products and services that are unique and high in quality. It perks the interests of those who get a chance to see it, but maybe at that moment they don’t go through with the purchase. If a small business uses an Amico Facebook Messenger bot to discover the interests of that potential customer in the products or services you want through the Shopify App on the bot, your bot can send them reminders and deals to seal the deal.

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