After months of dedication and hard work, we here at Amico are proud to announce that within the next few days, we will be debuting our Shopify integration features for our chatbot platform. We’ve built out an entire Shopify app that store owners can install onto their existing Shopify store to automatically start following up with abandoned carts, and in turn generate more sales. For store owners that are already using an abandoned checkout email remarketing app, you will be able to continue to use the same email remarketing software in addition with Amico’s abandoned cart messenger marketing.

While on the subject of abandoned checkout email marketing, let’s take a moment to look at some numbers. Before we do, I’d just like say that while many shop owners are already using abandoned checkout tools to follow up with potential customers via email, they are inevitably leaving massive amounts of revenue on the table.

69.23% is the average amount of online consumers who put something into their cart and leave before purchasing.

58.6% say they abandoned that cart because they were “just browsing and not ready to buy”. (These consumers will likely never even make it to your store’s checkout page)

That’s approximately 58.6% of cart abandoners on your store’s website that you would never be able to reengage through traditional abandoned checkout email remarketing. This is why abandoned cart Facebook Messenger remarketing is so powerful for shopify store owners – users never even have to visit your store’s checkout page or enter any payment info for us to reengage them. Our custom software both tracks them and follows up with them via Facebook Messenger 3 separate times, incentivizing them to purchase the items they left in their cart.

The cart abandonment messages can easily be edited according to each store’s specific needs – you can even turn off any of the messages you don’t want being sent. For further incentives, you can also add discount codes to the follow up messages as well.

Want to increase your store’s sales today? Sign up for an Amico account and get started now.


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