With so many deals, social media advertising, and the shorter attention span of computer and mobile users, it is hard to keep users on track. This is more specifically true when it comes to closing a deal–well at least an online sale. There are countless times when potential shoppers will add items on a website to their shopping cart, but not complete the checkout process. This is actually potential sales, and money, that never happen for a business. Amico’s chatbot platform can get those potential sales to be actual sales with a gentle reminder.

A lot of businesses expect those browsing and looking online to convert to sales. Especially those that are actually adding items to their carts. It isn’t unreasonable to think that those putting items into their virtual carts would make the purchase. If you look around at retail stores and grocery stores, you will not find many abandoned carts with items in them. Those carts are typically clearance items put out by the stores. Unfortunately for online retailers, clearance sites, and all other businesses there is a 69.23% cart abandonment rate on average! That is extraordinarily high.

Where is the abandonment happening:

37% did not want to have to create another account

28% cited too long of a checkout process or too complicated

23% stated that they couldn’t actually see the price of their items

20% reported websites crashing

This is in addition to the 60% that cited too high of extra costs (shipping, etc.)

What’s even more staggering is the fact that only 4% were due to denied credit cards. That means something can be done to help complete the sales in all other instances. While a business can set their price of items and decide what shipping costs and other fees they decide to pass on to the consumer, for those large numbers of users that abandon their cart because of website errors, complexities, and simple website set up, this is where an Amico bot will boost sales. Instead of having to worry about losing these customers at multiple junctures, you can keep these users into becoming paying customers.

Using shopify through your Amico Facebook messenger bot can tap into the vast majority of that 69% abandonment rate. Converting some of those cart abandoners into buyers will push your sales much higher. Through Amico’s bot you will be able to give information on a product in a very simplistic way to ensure those users have no issues navigating to find prices or completing the checkout process. The whole process can be done through your Amico chatbot!

Finally, for those worried about the price, extra costs, or simply forgot to finalize their purchase because they got sidetracked, Amico’s bot builder allows your bot to send out multiple reminders to close a deal. Using Amico, you can send those who have abandoned their cart, 30 minute, 24 hour and 48 hour reminders. Additionally, you can directly attach promotional codes or discounts to take the edge off the worries about those extra shipping costs!

Don’t let users leave their abandoned carts around your store! Join Amico by signing up for FREE today!


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