#1 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform

Generate a free Facebook chatbot - easy automatic setup. Facebook Messenger bots send automated replies on websites and the Facebook Messenger App. Manage leads, grow subscriptions, and run marketing campaigns all with no coding, no scripts, and no programming necessary. Amico is the easiest way to integrate a messenger bot for your Facebook pages, send automated messaging replies, and much more. Use our free chatbot maker to build a chatbot today!

What is a Messenger Bot?

Not really sure what a Facebook chat bot is or how it works? We've got you covered. Click the button below to interact with our Messenger bot and see how you can start using one for your marketing, Shopify sales, and customer support.


Simple, powerful Bot Builder

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Amico's drag and drop Bot Builder interface shows you a live preview of your conversation flow as you create. It really doesn't get much simpler than this.

Easily be Discovered

Out of the box, Messenger allows you to easily increase your bot's visibility and growth.

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Amico's Messenger Bot Notifications

Our free platform lets you grow and send mass notifications to each of your subscriber lists on autopilot. With an 80% open rate, Facebook Messenger bots completely destroy email marketing with over 3.5x as much user interaction.

Auto Stop

Need to speak with your subscribers directly? You can easily configure your bot to stop when you enter the chat and pick right back up after you leave. Our Auto Stop feature makes customer support a breeze.

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